Why am I a thing?

People who don't know me think I'm quiet. People who know me wish I was. And my best friends threaten to throw me out of moving vehicles until I shut up.

Fancy a chat?  
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Cosmo Sex Tip #1776


Just when he’s about to climax, scream “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION” and push him into Boston Harbor.

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hey friend

ur gonna be okay

go put some PJ’s in the dryer, take a long shower, put on ur warm jammies, and crawl into bed with some tea and a good book

because you are gonna be okay

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*cringes at 9 year old me*

*cringes at 13 year old me*

*cringes at year ago me*

*cringes at day ago me*

*cringes at future me*

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I hope when you die you get to see your stats like how many times you laughed or told a lie or kissed or how many people loved you and how many people hated you and what you meant to people

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- Transparent Princesses match your blog background! -

if you find that they look cool on your blog you should send me screencaps so I can see too 


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do you ever listen to a song and remember exactly what life was like when you first heard it

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The Marauders used to take turns taking care of Harry when the others had Order business or were too busy or needed a night off. It became a tradition among them, as they were passing the baby into the next caretaker’s hands, to say “you’re it. good luck.

The last thing Sirius saw as he was falling through the veil was Remus running over to Harry, and the last thought that ran through his head was “you’re it. good luck.”


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do you ever sit there and wonder what life must be like for people without anxiety

like they just


without worrying about them first


Anxiety is an excuse

I hope you walk barefoot on a world of legos for the rest of your life

The first time Tony Stark had an anxiety attack he thought he had been poisoned.

think about that

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Dean smiling because of Cas in season 9